If you have to need to claim our items, please follow instructions below. You will can save time of current complaint.

We must resolve the complaint within 30 days at the latest, but we always try to settle it within the shortest possible time.


1) Download and fill complaint form.

2) Fill at least mandatory field noted Fill in at least fields marked with an asterisk.

  • If you don't know invoice number, you can use order code.
  • Please, describe fault with all details. If it is needed, enclose photo or video documentation.
  • If you are sending multiple pieces of the same model, add a description of the defect to each item.

3) Pack the goods in a package and send them to:

Witty Europe s.r.o.
Complaint department
Průmyslová 1472/11
Praha 15
102 00
Czech Republic

  • Pack all items carefully to prevent damages during transport.
  • Our complaint team check received items with complaint protocol. If some of the information does not match, we will contact you to add information.
  • Depending on the type of claim, we resolve the claim by repairs or credit:
    • Mobile phones – repair
    • Spare parts and accessories - credit note

Warranty period:

  • Mobile phones and accessories - 24 months.
  • Spare parts except batteries - 12 months.
  • Batteries - 6 months.

Our spare parts are marked with our labels. If complained part does not contain our label, we reserve the right to reject claim.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our complaint manager (petra.belikova@nasedily.cz).